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Enforcing Contracts


The remuneration for expertise of quality of merchandise (work, service) with price that depends on self-cost of this expertise and with earning powerup to 10% has been reduced (before – up to 25%).

Reform influence:  Reduction of remuneration to experts, lawyers, interpreters and specialists will help to cut the costs.

Entered into force:  27 April 2014


Resolution of the Counsil of Ministers of Belarus No. 384 of 23 April 2014



Mediation institution is appeared. This mechanism provides an alternative way to settle commercial disputes within the state legal system. Its’ main objective is to optimize the settlement of commercial and any other disputes.

Reform influence:  This institution is accelerated the settlement of commercial disputes. It will encourage maintenances of partnership, business atmosphere and business ethics.

Entered into force:  24 January 2014


Law of the Republic of Belarus No. 58-З of 12 July 2013.

Law of the Republic of Belarus No. 59-З of 12 July 2013.