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Belarus and Russia plan to implement new cooperation projects

On September 10, 2021 the Minister of Economy of Belarus Alexander Chervyakov made a statement after the meeting with the Minister of Economic Development of Russian Federation Maxim Reshetnikov.

“We have agreed to identify 5-7 large projects that could be implemented within the framework of Union programs. Work should begin soon. The main emphasis will be placed primarily on cooperation ties, export to third countries. This is an opportunity to attract investments, create new jobs, and ultimately ensure the well-being of our citizens,” said Alexander Chervyakov.

According to the Minister of Economy of Belarus, cooperation in various fields has been discussed, including the agro-industrial complex and the space sector. Import substitution issues are also topical.

"In the near future, we will determine the areas where we have points of contact, competencies, resources in order to quickly form this package of investment programs for their implementation on the territory of either our country or Russia with the involvement of private business," said Alexander Chervyakov.