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Non-Commercial Partnership "Competition Promotion in the CIS Countries"

The purpose of creating non-commercial partnership "Competition Promotion in the CIS" is to unite leading lawyers in the field of competition law and economists, specializing in competition issues, as well as relevant organizations, to promote competition in the CIS countries, including:

  • development of effective practices of antimonopoly legislation in cooperation with the antimonopoly authorities of the Interstate Council on Antimonopoly Policy of CIS (ICAP);
  • formation of effective public policies for protection and promotion of competition;
  • facilitating constructive dialogue between business and antimonopoly authorities of CIS countries on competition issues;
  • participation in the rulemaking of competition issues;
  • interaction on the issues of competition with the European Commission, the International Competition Network (ICN), national organizations in the field of competition law in the U.S., Europe and other countries;
  • analysis and use of international practices in the regulation of competition.

Cooperation of the Republic of Belarus with the Partnership contributes to the improvement and harmonization of national antimonopoly legislation, which corresponds to the dynamics of integration processes in the CIS member states.