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International Politics

Interaction with international organizations specializing in the development and protection of competition, including antimonopoly authorities of other countries, plays an important role in the activities of the antimonopoly authority of the Republic of Belarus. The purpose of international cooperation in this area is the development of competition by improving national antimonopoly legislation using best international practices, receiving consultations, acquaintance with new tendencies and methods of implementation of competition law, conducting multilateral negotiations concerning the investigation of cases, as well as professional development of personnel through participation in specialized conferences and seminars.

International cooperation is aimed at:

  • facilitate the process of economic integration of Belarus into the world economy;
  • study of the practice of foreign countries in the protection of competition, introduction of advanced foreign experience and skills development;
  • exchange of experience and cooperation with competition authorities of foreign countries;
  • support of Belarusian interests through participation in relevant international organizations;
  • preparation and implementation of projects of technical assistance from international organizations for the Republic of Belarus;
  • encourage links with the authorities of foreign states and international organizations.

At the present time due to the development of the CIS countries by the way of market transformations, on the one hand, and the processes of liberalization and globalization of world economy, on the other hand, international relations of these countries in the field of the protection of competition are undergoing significant changes. Without a functioning mechanism for international cooperation an effective competition policy is impossible, since a significant negative impact on domestic competition may be precisely those activities that occur outside of the countries by transnational companies and their associations.

Due to the above, in order to promote competition and antitrust law Belarus cooperates with the following international organizations:

International Competition Network (ICN)

Interstate Council for Antimonopoly Policy of CIS countries (ICAP)

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)

The Regional Centre for Competition of Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development in Budapest (RCC OECD-GVH)

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

The European Union (EU)

Non-Commercial Partnership "Competition Promotion in the CIS Countries"